Heart Tug International is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to encouraging believers to grow in grace and knowledge of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus Christ. Partner with us as we partner with Him.


Life is often hard. We face challenges on the outside as well as inward struggles. Feel-good messages and music do little to prepare you to confidently face difficulties. Standing firm in your faith requires growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah. If you’re looking for a biblical life coach or mentor to help you grow, prayerfully consider these resources.
Young woman using a mobile app for Christian discipleship


Available for iOS and Android, the Heart Tug mobile app features a variety of inspirational meditations, insightful interviews, news, and Bible studies to help you look at things from a biblical perspective.

You can also connect by submitting prayer requests and you can read the Bible in six different translations. More features will be coming soon.
Woman getting help online from a biblical life coach


Looking for someone to come alongside you, listen to your story, pray with you, and provide biblical insight and practical Christian discipleship as you work through various life issues and decisions? Stacy Lynn Harp, M.S. is a Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach and a Board Certified Mental Health Coach with a coaching approach that is centered on God's Word.

Stacy Lynn offers online coaching sessions for spiritual development to strengthen your relationship with Christ, through encouragement, questions, guidance, and other resources – equipping you for handling personal struggles biblically. Coaching is offered on a sliding fee scale and scholarships may be available.
Daily bible reading with coffee


Daily Bible reading is an important part of Christian discipleship. As we regularly read God's word, it renews our minds and makes us more like Christ (Romans 12:2). The more we know of God's truth, the greater our trust in Him can become.

Directed by biblical life coach, Stacy Lynn, Daily Disciples is a group devoted to daily reading of the Scriptures – arming us for spiritual warfare against temptations, wrong thinking, and unbelief (Ephesians 6:10-18). Just as physical food sustains our bodies, God's word nourishes our spirit and helps us stay spiritually awake, discern false teaching, and persevere in faith (Matthew 13:1-23).
Pickleball Faith book on an open Bible

pickleball faith

Pickleball Faith is Stacy Lynn’s personal journey of Christian discipleship where she shares her experiences in becoming part of a pickleball community and how God continues to change her through the process of being in relationships within that community. Having a background as a psychotherapist, she provides insights that address not only interpersonal relationships with others, but also a personal relationship with God.
In this compassionate, raw, and real journey of belonging and also becoming, biblical life coach Stacy Lynn covers issues of conflict, death, sportsmanship, and faith, you will be inspired to consider not only whom you’re “playing” with, but more importantly whom you are becoming personally and in your relationship with God.
Illumine me devotional book with Bible

illumine me

This second edition of Randall’s book, Illumine Me, contains 90 short Christian devotionals that are grouped into four themed sections: Knowing Him, For His Glory, Love Thy Neighbor, and Pressing Onward. The purpose of these devotionals is to encourage believers of all stages and ages in Christian discipleship and to dig deeper into the Bible.

what people say about heart tug

Randall & Stacy Lynn through Heart Tug have inspired me and my family to dig deeper in the Word of God -- gaining understanding and knowledge in our daily lives and knowing who I am in Christ.
Traci P., California, USA
I've been encouraged by [Stacy Lynn's] passion for God's Word, her concern for others, and her seemingly endless energy to handle so many different responsibilities with excellence, enthusiasm, and creativity always remembering that God's Word and its truth is primary.
Karen B., Georgia, USA
When I think of Randall and Stacy Lynn Harp, the following comes to mind: Great love and dedication to the Lord, His work and His people. They have the Word in their head and their heart, confirmed by the words that comes from their mouths. I am blessed to call them friends.
Evangelist Rachel Howard,  California, USA
Heart Tug Ministry with Randall and Stacy Lynn has been a Godsend to many. Giving life in the word, encouragement, comfort, understanding, and more. God bless!
Lindarae C., California, USA