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Are you suffering from the lascivious lies and tawdry tales of mainstream media? Now you can get a biblical perspective on current events from a trustworthy source.

Launched in 2005, the Bible News Radio podcast and video broadcasts feature honest examination of today’s headlines and unique interviews with Christian authors, music artists, filmmakers, and ministry leaders.

Rather than pushing commercial, Christian-labeled entertainment, we seek to equip and inspire our viewers and listeners with unpretentious and genuinely useful content. No demeaning gossip. No ear-tickling prophecies. Certainly no puff pieces to promote dubious diets or fishy financial products.

Watch Bible News Radio anytime on YouTube, and/or listen anytime on our various podcast platforms linked at https://anchor.fm/biblenews.

BIBLE reading


Have you failed at making Bible reading a daily habit? Reading the Bible consistently can be easy, exciting and life-changing when you read regularly with other people.

We offer Bible-reading accountability both through our “Team Unstuck” text message group and “God Time Together” video conferencing communities. Additionally, we have a regular group of readers continuing to read through the Bible one day at a time in our “Daily Disciples” group on Facebook.

Research by the Center for Bible Engagement reveals that the life of someone who engages with the Bible four or more times per week looks radically different from the life of someone who does not. Statistically speaking, the lives of Christians who do not engage the Bible most days of the week are no different than the lives of non-believers. Are you ready to take a simple step toward a radical life change?



Are you disappointed with your own efforts to study the Bible? Perhaps your own church congregation doesn’t offer opportunities for Bible study — or what they do offer is simply a fill-in-the-blank workbook Sunday school class.

We help readers to dive deep into the Bible text and to get the Word deep into them through inductive study, Scripture memory and more. The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible itself. As you grow familiar with the Word and Its divine Author, you’ll simultaneously discover satisfaction and a hunger for more.

While we are delighted to feed others from the rich Word of God, it is far more important and productive to teach others how to feed themselves, or rather to discover and partake of the rich table that God has prepared for us in His Holy Word.

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“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2 KJV)

Sometimes we lose our way along our spiritual path, or we may get burdened in such a way that hinders our spiritual growth. During those challenging times it is often helpful to have a mature believer with professional counseling experience to come alongside and to help get us back on-track.

If you’re feeling burdened and would like to experience confidential guidance from an intentionally Biblical perspective, we have the resources that you need to help you get to where you would like to be.

From the Garden in Genesis to the New Jerusalem in Revelation, God’s desire and design for us is that we not be alone nor try to do things in our own strength. It’s not a sign of weakness to seek help, but a powerful move in the right direction.

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Married since 1992, Randall & Stacy Lynn Harp met in church and formed a bond through their mutual love for writing and performing Christian music. Through the years, they have grown in their desire to help others grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah (Christ).

Stacy Lynn holds an M.S. degree in Clinical Psychology, with more than 15 years spent counseling women, children and couples in a variety of circumstances, and always from a biblical perspective. A charming leader, she has led Bible studies, worship, support groups, workshops, and has been a featured speaker at conferences. Stacy Lynn is an avid pickleball player, and her favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.

Randall began college as a music major, but earned a degree in Computer Information Systems. While earning a living in technical fields, Randall has volunteered in many ministry opportunities, including 18 years in the Gideons International, leading Bible studies, leading worship, sharing the gospel in jails and juvenile detention centers, and serving as a chaplain to merchant marines and truck drivers. He has an affinity for learning biblical languages, loves pizza, and enjoys collecting virtual instruments for producing music.

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