Wed June 22nd – News Round Up


Today we have a few interesting news stories that I thought you may enjoy.
My friend, Jim Warner Wallace, who wrote Cold Case Christianity, wrote this article over on his blog Thin Blue Line, which is written with police officers in mind.
Be Prepared As A Police Officer: Suicide Rates May Rise As Christianity Wanes

Here’s another poll that Fox News is highlighting.
New poll shows fewer believers, but don’t count God out
If you’re like me you LOVE pickleball. Here’s an article that talks about a new pickleball facility that is open 24 hours a day and they are hoping to make it a franchise.

Another new pickleball facility is opening this week, and this one is open 24 hours
This next story is just clickbait. I admit it.
Watch: Baby Goat born with 19 Inch ears
Maybe the Disney boycott is actually working, read on…
After Disney Doubles Down On Sexualizing Kids, ‘Lightyear’ Falls Way Short At Box Office
Have a great day!