Pickleball Faith

The reason so many people love the exploding sport of pickleball is because of all of the ways that Stacy Lynn describes in this book. She does a great job explaining how faith, community, competitiveness, and relationships make this popular hobby way more than just a game! You will be blessed with the invitation to peer into the sweet heart of Stacy Lynn while joining her on her journey of faith in God and in humanity simply through this crazy sport called pickleball!
Stephanie Lane
3-time USA National Pickleball Champion
Pickleball Faith is for everyone who appreciates spiritual wisdom gleaned from everyday activities. In her “sweet and lovable” style, radio host turned Pickler Stacy Lynn Harp will make you laugh, think, and teach you that the Kitchen isn’t where pickleball players go for snacks.
Dr. Jennifer Fee
Psychologist & TEDx Speaker

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