Garry Bredefeld Stands for Jesus While “Gay Pride” Prayer Mocks Jesus


I read a story today that caught my eye because it had to do with a Fresno City Council Member by the name of Garry Bredefeld, who spoke out against the prayer of a homosexual activist religious leader.

Naturally, the press is vilifying Bredefelt because he doesn’t walk lock step with the homosexual lobby and our government who has designated this as homosexual pride month.  Two things, by the way, the Bible condemns – homosexuality and pride.

I’ve posted a few of his tweets that show that he has bold courage and isn’t afraid to speak for Jesus and also to protect our children.

It is an abomination to have children present at this celebration of perversion as the drag queen is yelling out to the crowd that they have genitals and lube. Absolutely disgusting.

And Bredefelt also wasn’t afraid to call out the attack on Christianity for what it is.  An attack on Christianity.

We applaud Garry Bredefeld, just as we did the 5 Rays baseball players who stood for what is right and did not celebrate homosexual pride. 

You can see the “prayer” below in the YouTube video.