Jeremiah 10 to 12

Jeremiah 10-12 Jeremiah 10 The first thing that stood out to me in chapter ten is that the Lord specifically said to NOT learn the way of the nations.  He

Jeremiah Chapters 7 – 9

Jeremiah 7 – 9 Jeremiah Chapter 7 As I was reading through Jeremiah today it was so easy to see some of the major parallels between the day that Jeremiah

Jeremiah Chapters 4-6

Today as I read Jeremiah chapters four through six the following stands out to me. Chapter 4 In chapter four the Lord is declaring to Israel that if they remove

A Walk Through the Book of Jeremiah​

Today I decided to start reading the Old Testament book of Jeremiah.  This book is 52 chapters long and I figure if I read 3 chapters a day that it