Bible Reading Accountability Facilitated By Stacy

Have you failed at making Bible reading a daily habit? Reading the Bible consistently can be easy, exciting and life-changing when you read regularly with other people.

We offer Bible-reading accountability both through our “Team Unstuck” text message group and “God Time Together” video conferencing communities. Additionally, we have a regular group of readers continuing to read through the Bible one day at a time in our “Daily Disciples” group on Facebook.

Research by the Center for Bible Engagement reveals that the life of someone who engages with the Bible four or more times per week looks radically different from the life of someone who does not. Statistically speaking, the lives of Christians who do not engage the Bible most days of the week are no different than the lives of non-believers. Are you ready to take a simple step toward a radical life change?

Let Us Help You With Your Bible Reading Goals

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