Bible News Radio with Pastor Andy Woods


I hope you get time to watch this episode of Bible News Radio as I had the opportunity to sit and talk to pastor Andy Woods of Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas.  

  Note: I accidentally said Andy Woods church name wrong, it is not Sugarland Baptist Church, it’s Sugarland BIBLE Church. Andy was so nice he didn’t even correct me. 🙂

In this episode of Bible News Radio our guest is Pastor @AndyWoodsBibleStudy Andy Woods from Sugarland Bible Church in Texas. Andy joined us to discuss the four recent Supreme Court decisions that show that #America seems to be turning back towards our #Constitution.

We discuss the overturning of #Roe – the #schoolvoucher decision – the #secondamendment and #religiousfreedom all in this episode.

We also touch on the #Southern Baptist Convention and a little bit about #LGBTQ Pride month.


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